I will never again develop it

I will never in my life will develop the same utility library I am using day to day basis.

In the last few years I have changed companies and within companies I have changed projects too. In all the organization and project I had to re-develop certain utility functions, libraries what I have used to.

And it is enough!

Never again!

https://github.com/takacsot/toolbox (java 6 compatible)

In this repository I have collected/re-developed my most frequently used utilities and libraries.

It is also useful for many of us (I mean developers). On the other hand it is very good portfolio about my standards of development.

Not all the utility is about something extraordinary. Sometimes just a simple wrapper around some other library (why having wrapper? Later.), sometimes it is just a simple and stupid experiment I have never used but proved a concept I am interested in.

What is not visible is the history. It is not visible why certain library is developed like that. But there are always good justifications behind. In the future I will describe the background and justifications of some of the tools.

I will never again develop it
Jun 08, 2014
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