Marketing From Your Conscience

You must become so convinced of the benefits of your product or service that you feel you'd be unjustly depriving people by not doing everything in your power to get the word out.


If the product or service you provide is truly of benefit to others, then marketing becomes a duty. Not spreading the word is irresponsible and unethical.


 I see this all the time among small business owners -- they often don't believe enough in their products to aggressively market them. So they hold back and fill their days with non-marketing activities instead. Doing too much marketing makes them feel uncomfortable.


When you find your conscience is holding you back from effective marketing, don't try to squash that inner voice. Listen to it. Hear what it has to say. Are your products just wasting people's time? Are your services pointless? Would an employer be better off hiring someone other than you? Would a friend be better off without you in their life?



Aug 27, 2010
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