Thinking about - week 39

Craft Conf presentations

Dan North - Jackstones: the journey to mastery

More like a motivational speech but very good. You want to be a master of development.

Until you are novice pretend to be master

But being a master you should be able to use any practice: TDD, SOLID with critique…

Practice until you realize when it is useful.

As a journeyman

Learn how to learn

Listen like you do not know the answer - you may not know.

Gojko Adzic - How I Learned to Stop Worrying…

Amazingly good presentation.

It is focusing how to make agile really working and that is not really about developers but they are wrong too…. I have to re-watch to extract.

We have to change how we are thinking about user stories.

User story is about behavior changes.

Theo Schlossnagle - Responsibly maximizing craftsmanship in software engineering

How software sucks

Specification are extremely difficult to get right.

laziness is promoted as something good.

Learning curve of huge projects is amazingly huge. It become difficult to add features quickly. (!of course not decoupled!)

Learn to hit the fucking deadline:

Learn papers: there are many researches about how to develop big system and resolve problems effectively (heheh történt ilyen mikor valaki bemutat egy design patternt mint valami újdonság és jó design cuccost)

Engineer are function better autonomously

You are judged based on your API

So: choose the proper size of component to be able to work autonomously using well defined API to communicate each other. So build component maintainable.

DO not refactor but rewrite component. Rewrite better, based on knowledge you know about. It is part of maintenance.

SQL is not API!!!

Stefan Tilkov - Architecture War Stories

War stories with humour and fun. Very interesting.


  1. Give feedback
  2. Reflect

Jutta Eckstein - Complex Projects aren’t planable but controllable

Individual goal are against company goals because most of th goal need teamwork which is killed by individual goal setups.

and many other mut it was not so structured to extract the “single message”.

Use values instead of estimates (business values….) for deciding to initiate the project. There are many way to define value (ROI, Risks, Cost of delay, Importance, Willingness for investment)

Plan in different levels: roadmap, long term, mid term, short term

Sep 23, 2014
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