10 Questions to Ask Your New Manager

  1. What do know about management? What models do you use?
  2. What books and blogs do you read? Which managers are your source of inspiration?
  3. Are your teams self-organizing? How? And how do you add value?
  4. Can you give examples of your teams being happy about what you’ve done for them?
  5. How have you motivated your team members?
  6. What kind of direction, rules and constraints do you impose on teams?
  7. What kinds of impediments have you removed lately?
  8. How do you develop competence and craftsmanship in the teams?
  9. Am I free to use social tools and networks, like Twitter and Facebook?
  10. Can I have business cards without a job title printed on it?

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2010-04-22 23:29:26 Anonymous
huh, ezek kemeny kerdesek, huh, ezek kemeny kerdesek, asszem nem sok fonok van erre felkeszulve! Es mi van amikor csak a HR-essel beszelek?
Apr 15, 2010
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